• Design With Divinity

    Design With Divinity

    Design With Divinity   Our human mind has always, been at work. Since our childhood we have groomed it to be engaged / function and we consider the use of our mind as very normal and natural phenomenon. Mind is like a baby who cries until it gets a teether, it just loves to be working. The point to consider here, is that is...
  • Power of Collaboration 1+1 =11

    Power of Collaboration 1+1 =11

      Submission of collaboration of various organizations brings people to come together to explore and open new avenues and opportunities. Physical boundaries and social distancing have strengthened in the Covid era, while similar ethics of work can still bring us together. The businesses today are struggling, what if they come together and rise together. Are we really together and ready for collaboration or are...
  • Where Your Soul Finds Peace

    Where Your Soul Finds Peace

    A good friend of mine questioned me for the words peace and soul sounded very death like to him.  Yes the common idiom “Rest in Peace” is often used for someone who has passed away, but peace for our soul while living is never thought about. We are so occupied with our worldly duties that we don’t consider giving peace to our soul while...
  • Biomimicry


     Biomimicry Nature’s diverse elements of flora, fauna, jungle and aquatic life have forever inspired humans with their mysterious and infinite details. The emulation of the models, systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems is called Biomimetics or biomimicry. To name a few examples of biomimicry.  Whale Power corporation is applying the lessons learned from humpback whales,  where the profile of  tubercles of whales...
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