Design With Divinity

Design With Divinity


Our human mind has always, been at work. Since our childhood we have groomed it to be engaged / function and we consider the use of our mind as very normal and natural phenomenon. Mind is like a baby who cries until it gets a teether, it just loves to be working. The point to consider here, is that is the mind working in the right direction? Let’s check- We all love to think  all day and night each second of our lives, and consider that our mind is working. While for a moment just watch your mind and see , that most of the time our mind is over thinking, it’s  the same thought which keeps coming again and again.  And we will also observe that mind almost all the time thinks negative. Our poor mind is victim of negative forces like Greed, Fear, Stress, Jealousy, Anger and what not. Our mind keeps satisfying Ego and we don’t realize at all.  The thinking mind is actually waste of energy for us. It depletes our energy and controls us (human), or rather waste us for useless activities. The reason being, the mind is working directionless and is driven out of negativity. Hence the outcome is likely negative. The working mind is delusion as rightly said by Eckart Tolle. “The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately... you usually don't use it at all. It uses you.”   

Have you ever thought, Who master’s you (human body)or control you? Or who should have complete control of you as a human? Is it your mind, your heart or the soul?

As per the law of spirit world,   the soul has been gifted with our body to manifest and clear its karmic account. To serve the commands of the soul,   it is granted with three faculties the mind, the heart and our core nature. The mind, heart and our nature under the command of our soul should ideally function this body for this life time.


Now consider if soul guides/ commands the mind, it put control over the use of mind, channelizing it in the right direction. As our soul is not victim fear, stress, anger, jealous. It doesn’t have to satisfy its Ego. Our soul is free of negativity, created by humans. In fact, our soul is always guided by the Almighty, which we are not aware of. The soul is in connection with the Divine Light. This beautiful soul if guides our mind can do wonder which will be beyond imagination. The Almighty is infinite, beyond our imagination and thought. The soul being directed by the Almighty can tame the mind in a way, which can now explore possibilities beyond the mind’s imagination. This gives birth to creation of infinite, what we call design driven out of divinity. The creation by this guided mind is pure and original. Meditation is one way by which we can make our connection with divine stronger and in turn control our mind to do wonder as guided by Almighty. Let all designers and artists strive to Design with Divinity.

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