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Bored of her mundane 9-5 jobs for past 14yrs working in MNCs across the globe, our co founder designer Garima lost her last job in Dubai in early 2018. Being spiritually inclined she always trusted that almighty has better bigger plans for her. In no time, his brother Akshay (our co founder) an architect himself, from Bangalore India, proposed her to start a venture together of furniture décor hub. Initially she was reluctant about leaving her well settled life and husband in Dubai. She was gradually guided by the divine to move ahead and grab the golden opportunity to manifest her deep seeded desire to start her own company. Abiding by her inner voice she made a plunge and moved to India with her son. That was beginning of the spark, under the mentorship of their father ( multifaceted personality in furniture manufacturing), with Akshay being connoisseur of all things fine, power of Garima’s experience Seven Pillars was incepted in 2018, and  grace of Almighty. Spirituality has been induced in both their lives and Seven Pillars revolves around the divine attributes. God sent us a successful architect friend Bhanu Kharbanda, founder DRAW to mentor us during our foundation days. Words are less to express  him thanks for his invaluable support to Seven Pillars. 


Seven Pillars today is a design foundry that miraculously turns unique appreciation of traditional, modern and contemporary aesthetics, into powerful, well-crafted furniture. Designers forever give birth to new life adding positivity to user’s space be it Office, Home, Retail, Hospitality or Commercial space. With Garima working with the design team, they build a style around your space with soulful furniture.’

 Nestled in sunny Bangalore our painstakingly assembled factory, functions round the clock. With world class machinery and master artisans carving, assembling and restoring a massive range of furniture in any style, dimension or finish for buyer’s liking and requirements.  With Akshay and Father looking on the manufacturing front, ensures their craftsmen transform designs with purity to craft miracles. Seven Pillars take pride in sharing that their procedures are pretty transparent which inspires their buyers to partner with them in full confidence, maintaining same excellence for all their dealings across the globe be it  GCC, Europe, UK, Africa, United States, Canada, Australia or other parts of the world. 


Seven Pillars is a futuristic institute, a hub for all designers, artists, craftsmen and many others. The Institute which envisions as a school which fosters every one- i.e. living and non living ( any one working in SP, its clients, its furniture, the machinery, tools , data, graphics and all ) who comes directly or indirectly under it. Seven Pillars elevates everyone positively, holding hands spreading across and beyond the physical world.



All commissioned and catalogued pieces are designed to enhance the creativity and imagination by imbibing God’s Blessings. The factory is a place of sanctity where workers craft miraculously. The designers and manufactures transform pure energy of the universe, in each and every piece of work they do. The matter (furniture) containing high energy in turn transfigures your homes into temples, bestowing happiness. 

Import / Trade query?

Why Seven Pillars?

For any import related queries, we can be reached at  info@sevenpillarsdesign.in or drop us a whats app message  on +971568189596 or call us  +91 8147033537. 


Business, Spirituality and Culture    



The culture at Seven Pillars is a combination of spirituality and business, which is rare and spontaneous. Seven Pillars provides a platform to enhance the wings to fly high to achieve your higher self. Seven Pillars is an institute or rather a temple where one can nurture you with purity and diversity. Seven Pillars runs at the command of Almighty, where they practice to obey Him. Along with the personal growth, prosperity of the company is achieved to create happy, healthy and abundant lives. Seven Pillars offers a shift for the world where there is no discrimination color religion and gender. 

Work Culture at Seven Pillars

Where Your Soul Finds Peace  

Want to know what  drives our thoughts and Inspires us?  

Meet Our Energetic Team

Akshay  , B.Arch (India)

Garima , B.Arch (India), M.Sc Sustainability (NUS, Singapore)

Datri completed her engineering in the year 2012 and was struggling to know what she is meant for.  Thanks to all the hard times in life, she found the purpose of her life. Serving Seven Pillars and being the third pillar of the organization.

Saashwat, our designer, the mentor, the inventor, the advisor, the counselor has been the integral part of Seven Pillars since its inception. He has never failed to energize the team, with his innovative ideas. He inspires to be Aerodynamic scientist fulfilling his dream to fly.  Forever Continuing  to consider Seven Pillars his first baby. 

Avinash, an architect with 20yrs of experience, and intensive exposure across the globe is integral part of the team. With his eye for details, he always challenges craftsmen to discover  their  hidden  skills and help them push their  own limits. Not just that, with all his  passion for technology, he is Guru of all things  IT and Software's for Seven Pillars.

Bhanu, an architect, interior designer by profession, Heads DRAW, architectural-interiors firm in Gurugram. His interests range from innovation to design, entrepreneurship and travel. He is a mentor to Seven Pillars. 


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