Should Ask Questions

1. Where is Seven Pillars located?

Seven Pillars Factory, a 6000 square feet of crafting space, is located in North Bengaluru, in the Southern state of Karnataka, India. The workshop is equipped with world class machinery and master artisans, carving and assembling a massive range of furniture in any style, size or finish for buyer’s liking and requirements.


2. I am not in your city, How should I proceed?

We believe the world is a small place when it comes to expanding our work. We take up projects all over the world, providing shipping services. You can get in touch with us on Whatsapp, or by filling in the form provided. Our team will get in touch with you and will be happy to explain the procedure further.


3. What all materials, you use?

Materials used at our manufacturing unit are one of the factors of pride we take in. From sustainably sourced variety of solid wood, namely, Teak wood, Oak wood, Indian rose wood, Ash wood, Steam beech wood, Mango wood, etc, to premium quality hard pressed water and heat resistant engineered wood, world renowned brands of hardware fittings, and plush soft polyurethane foam, we use only certified and top quality raw materials. 


4. What wood finishes you use?

Wood finishes are what ultimately define the look and feel of the product once finished. We take utmost care in providing you with the best polish finishes that only enhances the character of the wood being used. A few examples of the finishes are: Oil based finishes, lacquer finishes, waxed, polyurethane, and natural stains.   


5. Do you provide design services?

We are a team of architects and designers, expanding our horizon with our love for detailed craft and witnessing our designs come to life. We always love to assist, collaborate or brainstorm with our clients to ideate the perfect furniture for their space. We would love to help you with designs and recommend the furniture for your projects.

6. Do you take bulk orders for Commercial Projects?

Having our own manufacturing unit, we provide furniture for commercial/hospitality and various other projects where the requirement is in bulk. Our team closely works with interior designers/architects to meet their specific requirement while assuring the best prices.

7. I am not a designer; can I still get my furniture made from Seven Pillars?

You can get a furniture piece or a complete room, an apartment or villa furniture and even styling services. We are a team of designers (home stylists), who can get your place home styled, with furniture and decor. Based on floor plans, photos and mood boards, we can present you a tailor –made furniture and accessory plan and personally let you feel and experience the limitless possibilities and endless styling opportunities.

8. Why Seven Pillars Design Studio’s furniture is divine?

Seven Pillars as a company runs on the command of Almighty.  Boss is the God, Master of the Universe himself, who resides within each one of us and commands and directs each individual within. The organization functions like sewa/service in any sanctum.  All the individuals, work only for God. At Seven Pillars, the prime servants inspire to be in the heightened state always by starting the day with meditation routine daily. The natural high controls the emotions brining down the day to day worldly stress and energies. Sense of clarity and improved decision making is achieved. Seven Pillars Design is the Temple of Purity and positivity, everyday’s effort and divine blessings have made it a perfect temple.

The designers enhance their creativity and imagination by Imbibing God’s blessings in form of shabads, hymns being played in the office always.  At work everyone takes space and time to pause and listen to the inner voice self, being in tune with the higher self. Timeout from work, to meditation room is practiced by all working staff at Seven Pillars at their own leisure.

The Factory operates in its own pure way, following the same roots. Craftsmen at workshop while doing carpentry /polishing /upholstery listen to the praises of the divine, bringing in positivity in their work. The rules of no ABC- no abuse, no blame and no criticize are strived. The craftsmen bring in the same positivity and divinity in pieces they craft. This heightens their state of mind and they craft miracles for you.    The entire process of design and execution of furniture is done considering, is manifested in positive, high state of mind, that the furniture manufactured is Divine.

9. What do Seven Pillars put in their products to make them miracles?

  Seven Pillars Design Studio manufactures furniture with that high positivity and purity which brings purity in their work. While working in the positive affirmations are done that the furniture piece chosen by the client, to make peace in their home and life. The thought that “The furniture used by the clients, is spreading blessings, and pure love of God in the client’s life” are embedded in each furniture piece manufactured. Seven Pillars create miracles in client’s life by our pure work.

10. What is spiritual furniture? And Significance of spiritual furniture in our lives.

You may often feel very comfortable in some strange place and some places which are well decorated with all luxurious interiors may feel very unpleasant. Energy plays a significant role, the vibrations and frequency at which objects and the environment vibrate and the energy they emit, needs to high essentially. The well balanced, high energy décor and furniture radiates positive vibrations. This high vibration furniture becomes your catalyst in growth and well being.  In the new age world, most of the family members at home are going through individual struggles. The stress level, due to relationship, money, health is common and soaring in our societies. As if being unhappy is being normal. The youth, including teenagers are undergoing stress and depression. Having a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere at home is necessary. Revolutionary change in our happiness index much needs our attention the furniture at Seven Pillars is carved with clear and heightened state of mind, with pure love and warmth. The furniture made by hands with pure intention and faith to bring the God’s love into form is pure. It is the art of divine, the art which is manifestation of love and peace. The art guided by divine is rare and pure. 

 The spiritual furniture and décor here is crafted miraculously by infusing the high energy and vibrations with right mind set and in right environment, which has the capacity to manifest the right environment at your home.  The furniture carved with hand, by artisans unlike factory produced in mass are pure and with warmth when done in unification with God.  The spiritual furniture vibrates the energy balancing the harmony and peace of your homes. This aids in catalyzing the environment at home like in a sanctum. The furniture made with love, and purity radiates positivity and brings peace in what you call home.


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