If you’re an art lover, you’re at the right place

If you’re not, you’ll become one!

We want to be your partners of choice for premium furniture and décor that matches your lifestyle. Committed to excellence, our goal is to bring art that defines your personality and add a luxurious charm to your space. Our collection of carefully curated sculptures, decorative rugs & carpets, accent lighting, unconventional modern pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind art pieces will add more character to your space and elicit conversations. Each piece has its own charismatic story. They are influenced by global cultures but doesn’t miss out on the Indian sensibilities. Our art pieces are carefully handpicked by us from local craftsmen. Every piece has a touch of mastery by talented artisans. Their vision is to revive past traditions and art forms with an urban touch.

Each visitor has a different experience at Seven Pillars. Come over with your friends and family for a chai and chat and experience it for yourself.

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