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Furniture can make or break the design of the overall interior. The size, style, placement, finishes and combination of furniture pieces can change the look and feel of the space significantly. To achieve different functions within a small or a very large space, tailor-made furniture can achieve wonders through building multiple functional uses.

Seven Pillars is a design foundry that miraculously turns unique appreciation of traditional, modern and contemporary aesthetics, into powerful, well-crafted furniture. Each of our catalogued designs are well thought through for best utility which adds great positivity to user’s space be it Office, Home, Retail, Hospitality or Commercial space. We build a style story around your space with soulful furniture.

Nestled in sunny Bangalore our painstakingly assembled factory, functions round the clock. With world class machinery and master artisans carving, assembling and restoring a massive range of furniture in any style, dimension or finish they give shape to your designs. We ensure that every piece is the verification of outstanding quality, which will valorise your project entirely. Our craftsmen are transforming designs with purity to craft miracles. We take pride in sharing that our procedures are pretty transparent which inspires our Clients to partner with us in full confidence.



 What To Expect  with Us ?


  1. Share your design ideas with our team of designers, for the made to order customization pieces. Or if you haven’t decided the perfect piece for an interior design project, our team is here to help you in your quest and will happily assist and advise where needed.
  2. The next our team helps you go through the extensive range of woods (teak, oak, ash, mango, Indian rose and, pine), fabrics, rattan, texture and finishes to finalize for your set of furniture.
  3. Once technical designs and samples are approved your order is immediately transferred to our production department. 
  4. Our artisans start the structure, of same. Crafting it miraculously as per the design, we share the framework progress pictures with you.
  5. Upon approval, our foam work starts, at end of which the images are again shared with you for your approval.
  6. The final layer of finished fabric is then applied and images are sent for your approval.
  7. The three check point during manufacturing, assures you the masterpiece is crafted as per your visualization.
  8. The consignment will be ready to be delivered after showing the final photographs for your approval.
  9. We do a timely hassle free delivery directly to your client’s address. Our furniture ships in wooden crates for absolute protection, and we deliver worldwide.


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