Each Piece Is Uniquely Yours

When you shop at Seven Pillars, you’re buying furniture that is created by hand and is designed to last for decades. We place great emphasis on blending traditional techniques and modern craftsmanship to create an inimitable style, while ensuring quality construction in each piece. And since we only use natural materials as far as possible, your every purchase is absolutely unique in its quirks and variations, whether in grain, texture, knots or colour.


  • For regular dusting, use a soft cloth and be gentle. For more intensive cleaning, you may use a cloth that’s been dampened with a light detergent solution - remember to immediately wipe away moisture with a lint-free cloth. 
  • When cleaning glass, use a non-solvent based glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Ensure that glass cleaning fluid never comes into contact with wooden or painted surfaces. 
  • Regularly use a soft brush and/or a vacuum cleaner to keep upholstery clean. If possible get your upholstery professionally cleaned periodically, to avoid premature fading and wear - this is especially important when it comes to silk and other delicate fabrics.  
  • Never use rough or abrasive cleaning agents or pads on any item of furniture. 
  • Any and all spills should be immediately wiped away. For spills on upholstery, use a white cloth to blot as much of the liquid away as possible - in case of staining on fabric, contact your dry cleaner immediately. 


  • Always avoid having sharp edged objects coming into contact with your furniture to stay free from scratches and avoid damaging the veneer. 
  • In the event that your furniture is stained, scratched, chipped or damaged in any way, please seek professional help instead of attempting DIY repairs. 
  • When it comes to chairs, try to avoid leaning back on two legs - doing so places a great amount of stress on the joints and will weaken them over time.
  • Make sure that you don’t expose your furniture to sustained, excessive heat, to avoid cracking. Even during colder seasons, make sure that radiators and space heathers are placed at least 15 inches away from furniture pieces. 
  • Also avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, since this can cause wood and fabric colours to fade over time, even when painted, printed or lacquered. This is especially apparent when leaving a vase or an ornament on furniture that’s exposed to sunlight over a long time - you will notice that space covered by the vase may contrast with the surrounding wood. However, this should blend back in over time.
  • Never place hot dishes or heated items directly on a wooden surface - always use coasters or table mats. 
  • Try to avoid cigarette smoke and kitchen fumes from coming into contact with leather upholstery on a regular basis to avoid premature cracking. 
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