Where Your Soul Finds Peace

A good friend of mine questioned me for the words peace and soul sounded very death like to him.  Yes the common idiom “Rest in Peace” is often used for someone who has passed away, but peace for our soul while living is never thought about. We are so occupied with our worldly duties that we don’t consider giving peace to our soul while it’s giving life to our body.

We can bring peace by meditating, being one with God 24 bar 7, being align with almighty.  Oprah Winfrey speaks about her meditation openly and expresses the importance of same in her book “Silence speaks”. Insisting, each and every individual to take out time to meditate, which helps to reduce stress and all the negative influence of the present day world.  Especially in the time of Pandemic now, where negativity steers everywhere the only saviour for souls is positivity positivity and positivity.

We at Seven Pillars practice to be at peace in our daily life. Heroes of the organization inspire to be in the heightened state always by starting the day with meditation routine daily. The natural high controls the emotions brining down the day to day stress of business. Sense of clarity and improved decision making is achieved.

The designers enhance their creativity and imagination by Imbibing God’s blessings in form of shabads, hymns carol being played in the office always.  At work everyone takes space and time to pause and listen to the inner voice self, being in tune with the higher self. Timeout from work, to meditation room is practiced by all working staff at Seven Pillars at their own leisure.

The factory operates in its own pure way, following the same roots. Craftsmen at workshop while doing carpentry /polishing /upholstery listen to the praises of God, or shabads from Gurbani bringing in positivity in their work. This heightens their state of mind while they craft miracles for you.  

While working the positive affirmations are done that the furniture piece chosen by the client, to make peace in their home and life. The thought that “The furniture used by the clients, is spreading blessings, and pure love of God in the client’s life” are embedded in each furniture piece manufactured.

All this practices bring peace at client's homes and  to all  souls associated  while we are at work doing our worldly duties. Be it what, attaining that high throughout the day at work is achieved at Seven Pillars.


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