Power of Collaboration 1+1 =11


Submission of collaboration of various organizations brings people to come together to explore and open new avenues and opportunities. Physical boundaries and social distancing have strengthened in the Covid era, while similar ethics of work can still bring us together. The businesses today are struggling, what if they come together and rise together. Are we really together and ready for collaboration or are we just quoting it?

  Reflecting on the power of thought, we all know that nobody is perfect. Or per say that the negativity we see in the person in front, is our reflection itself. This competition is also just within us, let’s not compete with others. And once the players of industry come together and collaborate, the future created will be beyond thoughts and imagination. As we all are unique and beautiful in our own strengths and credentials, so is our work.




We humans have become instruments of our thoughts, and so limited and meager victims of negativity inside us, while the universe is infinite, an instrument of Almighty (the Creator). Trust his process and have faith in each other rather than doubting and judging. One day will come when everyone will be guided by the Almighty and there won't be any negativity and to reach that level we have to work on ourselves first then work together to bring positivity worldwide.

 Then we will witness the real meaning of 1 +1 being 11, and the power of collaboration beyond our minds, thoughts and apprehensions. Collaboration together has the potential to bring us into prominence in the industry.



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